Monuments of Planet X

Monuments of Planet X takes the viewer on a journey through time, to the deserted surface of earth in a Dystopian future, long after humans become extinct. All of the history of mankind is distilled into five monuments, each containing a mixture of manmade sounds from the past.

Video Installation, 2016

Videos: Carrie Sijia Wang

Installation: Carrie Sijia Wang, Lifan Deng

“Wavelength” Group Exhibition, The Untitled Space, New York, NY 2016


The five monuments are based off of the five Platonic solids. While these perfect geometric solids are paired with the five basic elements in the universe: fire, earth, air, spirit and water and are symbols of Utopian ideals; my five monuments are the result of the solids twisted and changed, representing the Utopia lost.


Each of the monuments is also a container of highly emotional human sounds collected from events throughout the history.


When shown in the Untitled Space, the videos were projected onto an open book, placed inside of a 15 x 15 x 15 inch acrylic box.