Microsoft Environmental Graphics

Working with the interior design team, I designed environmental graphics for Microsoft's offices in Toronto and Raleigh, North Carolina to reflect each location's culture. Though visually unique to their own context, both projects adopt the idea of maps and the method of abstraction.

Office Environmental Graphics, 2016

Environmental Graphics: Carrie Sijia Wang

Interior Design Lead: Charlton Hutton

Completed while working at M Moser Associates

Photo Credit: M Moser Associates

Raleigh Office

Seeing Nature through a Technical Lens


Guided by geodata of the Smoky Mountains, our proposed concept of the neighborhood wall graphics is a dialogue between the photographic representation of nature and its abstraction.

In each of the wall graphic, an imagery of the smoky mountains is subdivided by a linear metric system derived from the milestones along the mountain trails (shown on the map below for reference).


A process then abstracts a portion of the image into a series of faceted forms allowing the viewer to see nature through a technical perspective.

Toronto Office

City Grid

The environmental graphics package for Microsoft’s Toronto office tells a cohesive story of Canadian urban living. By taking the city grids and abstracting them, the wall graphics reflect the vividness of life in the 7 Canadian cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. The color palette is derived from the office’s interior design material palette.

City Motion

The glass front privacy film and distraction banding capture the concept of city motion. Similar to the methodology of manipulating the city grid for the wall graphics, the glass front graphic abstracts the flux in a city into a band of geometric shapes that fades as it runs across the glass.