As a new media artist and educator, I make work that combines art, technology, research, and pedagogy. I create performances, videos, and participatory experiences to explore the humanization of machines and the mechanization of humans. 

Technology is essential to my work both as a tool for creating interactive experiences and as a subject of examination. A common thread in my work is the critique of technology being increasingly used as a means of control by those in power.

My project Hey Alien puts visitors in the role of an “alien” going through a series of digital tests to gain entry to the fictional “Beautiful Planet” after earth becomes uninhabitable. In The System, I created a fake government department that tests candidates’ ability to generate system-compliant content. In An Interview with ALEX, an Artificial Intelligence HR manager uses gamification as a subtle tool of control. 

As an educator, I have designed and taught classes and workshops covering topics like creative coding, making artistic chatbots, and countering digital surveillance. I currently teach at NYU in the Interactive Media Arts department.

Fellowships: Pioneer Works, More Art, NEW INC, Mozilla Foundation