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Live! is a class that focuses on designing, developing and delivering multimedia live performances via a virtual platform. The class will have an emphasis on using emerging technologies to create performative experiences that dynamically combine interactive elements such as video, sound, code and physical sensors, allow for the unfolding of engaging narratives, and generate compelling visuals in real time.

Syllabus for NYU’s IMA Low Res Graduate Program

Developed with help from Matt Romein and Craig Protzel, thank you!

Chatbots for Art’s Sake is a class that repurposes existing chatbot technologies and uses them for the sake of art. The class is twofold, students will engage in labs and workshops to learn and practice different techniques— such as p5.js, p5.speech, RiveScript, RiTa, and Alexa Skills—to create functional chatbots. They will also participate in lectures and discussions that look at the different roles Artificial Intelligence plays in human society, including but not limited to authority, companions, or simply reflections of the humans it interacts with. 

Syllabus for NYU’s Interactive Media Arts Undergraduate Program (IMA)

Creative Coding is a class that introduces fundamental coding concepts and ways to use computation creatively. This version of the class is offered at the Interactive Media Arts Global Low Residency Graduate Program (IMA Low Res) at NYU.

Summer 2021 Syllabus on GitHub (Many thanks to Ellen Nickles, who taught the other section of the class and co-created the syllabus.)

A workshop designed to raise awareness about surveillance in the virtual workplace and find creative ways to reclaim some privacy as individual workers.

Mozilla Festival 2021

Pioneer Works Class 2022

A series of bitesize videos designed for beginners to learn p5.js by creating simple, playful sketches.

A workshop that explores implementing speech recognition as an interface in art installations and performances.

World Maker Faire New York 2018