Here Is What I Want to Talk About

This video installation, composed of screen recordings of participants conversing with AI chatbots they created in an artist-led workshop, delves into individual thoughts, feelings, hopes, and worries amidst the rise of generative AI and the ever-changing technological landscape.

Video Installation on Bookshelves, 2024

Carrie Sijia Wang

Rituals of Social Transformation with More Art at Head Hi

Installation Design Consultant: Thom Chiu

Contributors: Slavica Ceperkovic, Christina Daniels, Mahayla Laurence, Mark Marino, Siobhan O’Flynn, Monique Tschofen, Carrie Sijia Wang

In a workshop designed to co-construct knowledge about AI’s social implications, the artist guided participants to envision the future of chatbots. Participants were prompted to script imagined dialogues with an AI, thinking beyond profit-driven and efficiency-focused narratives. 

Using a straightforward chatbot template provided by the artist, participants transformed their dialogues into interactive programs. The resulting videos capture participants interacting with these custom-built chatbots, showcasing conversations that embody their unique perspectives.