• Kar
    Posted at 22:54h, 10 February Reply

    I’m not sure if it’s on purpose or not, but the very loose structure seems to me to allow anyone to fill in the gaps and sort of make their own story? I mean even in themselves someone can seamlessly put all three instances in and make a story as well. On the other hand it does also feel like I’m sitting in the airport watching others go by? I mean, I do it in the park a lot where I’ll people watch and try to make up stories about the people I see in my head, is that close to the idea you had in mind?

    • Carrie
      Posted at 07:39h, 13 February Reply

      Hi Kar, thanks for your response. I’m glad that you can make up stories from these sounds. When I did the sound pieces I had a narrative of my own in mind, but I kept out a lot of the details and only left a few clues so listeners can put themselves in the situation and form their own stories.

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