An Interview with ALEX: Prototype 2.2

Thanks so much for those who played with An Interview with ALEX* prototype 2.0, and thank you for filling out the survey and providing valuable feedback. Based on the feedback I got, I have come up with a plan for prototype 3.0 that involves making a 2-minute video introducing Open Mind—the speculative company in the experience— and its corporate culture, as well as a bunch of other changes to the experience. While working on that, I want to release an interim 2.2 version that is shorter in duration and easier-to-pass than the 2.0 version, so that I can see how users feel about the experience being shorter and slightly easier.

To play with prototype 2.2, please follow the steps below:

1. Switch to Chrome Browser on your laptop or desktop computer.
2. Maximize your window. Turn your sound on.
3. Proceed to interact with An Interview with ALEX–Prototype 2.2.
4. Allow microphone and camera access.**
5. After the experience, fill out this short survey
Thank you so much in advance! Your participation would be very helpful for me to develop this project further!


* “An Interview with ALEX” is a browser-based experience that simulates a job interview with an AI in a future of gamified work and total surveillance. As the interview progresses, users learn that this automated HR manager is covering up the truth of this job, and using facial and speech recognition to make assumptions and decisions about them.
** I understand that enabling the camera and microphone access might make some feel a little uncomfortable. I want to emphasize that I am not collecting any data from my users in this project. The camera and microphone integration are used to create a fictional, dystopian narrative that the users can experience from within.
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