Museum of Plastic Age

Have you ever wondered what we will leave behind for posterity? What objects from our everyday life will be put in museums and admired by visitors from around the world or even across the universe? What kind of stories will be told? Come find the answers in the Museum of Plastic Age, an exhibit of artifacts from the early 2000s, curated by anthropologists of the 35th century.

Museum of Plastic Age brings people into a future exhibit of mysterious artifacts from the 21st century. By controlling the two knobs on the box, people can toggle between artifacts, access illustrations of different views, and watch educational films about life in the Plastic Age.


The project looks at the world we live in today through a fictional futuristic lens, touching on many contemporary issues, such as environmental damage and excessive consumerism. It seeks to provoke present day viewers to think about the way we live and the systems we follow from a different perspective.

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Inspiration and Ideas | Project Planning | Project Progress

Cup With Human Neuron Pattern

A.D. 2017, Lower East Side, New York  |  Private Collection

Female Statue With Movable Wings

A.D. 2020, Brooklyn, New York | Private Collection

Spherical Objects With Mirrored Surface

A.D. 2018, Brooklyn, New York | Private Collection

photo credit: Davíd Lockard