Video Playback System In Progress

This past week I started exploring Max/Jitter and building a system based on an idea for a performance. The performance I have in mind involves a video censoring system in which the performer can select, manipulate and swap out any of the videos in the matrix.

Below are two rudimentary versions of the system.

Version 1 uses a grid of jit windows, option to randomly change window size and option to pixelate selected videos.


Version 2 includes a 4×3 video matrix in one jit window and an option to remap the RGBA values of the videos to turn them red.


I tried adding sound to the systems, attempting to trigger a certain sound to play whenever I pixelate a video or turn it red. But I couldn’t figure out how to do that. For my next steps, I’ll play with combining these two systems, designing an interface that makes more sense for the performance and adding sound.

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  • Matt Romein
    Posted at 15:50h, 07 February Reply

    I know we looked at this with office hours so I don’t have too much to add but its nice to see what you’ve added to the system. If you want to play back simple sound effects in relation to things happening with the video I would look at the sfplay~ object, it’s a fairly simple audio playback object where you can load audio files into it much like the object takes video files. If you use the trigger object with the messages you send to the video objects you can trigger multiple things happening off of 1 bang or message so you could also send things to the sfplay~ object to play sound effects.

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