Video Playback System Continued

This week I added a few more features to my system:

  1. Option to toggle between fullscreen and small window for all windows
  2. Live camera feed with a filter applied to it
  3. A window that only displays text
  4. Sound triggered by a toggle button, which also turns on a flashing red background

Here is what it looks like:

Now that I kind of get the system working, my next steps would be to conceptually develop my idea further, and look for content, both visual and audio to go with my concept.

  • Matt Romein
    Posted at 17:51h, 14 February Reply

    Nice development of the idea Carrie. I think the preset, presentation mode, and OSC tutorials will benefit this project greatly. Also, if you are starting to hit some performance walls (slow framerate or patch is running really slowly) It may be beneficial to start exploring building this in OpenGL with Max which will be much more efficient. You don’t have to do that before next classes assignment but I can help you get started since I think it would greatly benefit your code.

    • Carrie Wang
      Posted at 16:26h, 17 February Reply

      Thanks Matt. For the first performance I’m going to do something simple with maybe only one or two video windows. Yes it’d be great to set up osc communication and OpenGL!

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