Type to erase

We usually type things out to communicate, to record, to take notes, to make text appear on screen or paper. What if we invert the process and type sentences out just to erase them? For this week’s sketch and my final project of the class, I want to create something that is the opposite of our common sense about typing.

In this project, short sentences, Markov chain generated from the lyrics of the world’s 204 national anthems, appear on screen, and your only goal is to erase them one by one by typing them out.

“Type to erase” will be part one of a two-part project I have in mind. The second half of the project will be “Repeat to forget”, which involves a computer voice reading the generated lyrics from national anthems and asking you to repeat after it.

For some reason, the p5 online editor does not work with this sketch. Please see below a screen recording of it in action.

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