The Last Woman

My first Unreal project is inspired by Naeem Mohaiemen’s 2017 film “Tripoli Cancelled”. The film follows the routine of a man stranded in an abandoned airport. In the film there is a scene in which the protagonist slowly walks from the far end of an aircraft’s wing towards the camera. It is such a beautiful shot.


I am inspired to create a sketch in Unreal with an environment that is vast and serene, with only one character slowing walking towards the camera. I used fuse to create my character, uploaded her to Mixamo for animation. I also downloaded an airplane model from Poly.


Music: Ólafur Arnalds, “Near Light”

The main issue I’m having is the quality of the rendered video. The water and airplane look ok, but the character is still blurry, even after I set it to be “cinematic” quality.


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