Samsung 837’s Instagram Tunnel

Samsung opened it’s experience store, Samsung 873, in the meatpacking district. This new flagship store allows you to play with virtual reality goggles, take your selfie, see it gets generated with thousands of other photos and projected onto a three-story high screen. My favorite is the Instagram Tunnel, which gives you an immersive experience of your own Instagram feed.


Before entering the tunnel, a staffer will help you put in your Instagram handle. Then you walk into a tunnel with all your photos and hashtags on screens that cover half the space (the other half is filled with mirrors that reflect the screens), while a programmed male voice reads out your handles and hashtags in the background.

The whole thing probably doesn’t use any cutting-edge technology, but it succeeds in creating an immersive, sci-fi like, futuristic experience. The use of social media is also very clever. Who doesn’t like seeing their own Instagram photos fill up a whole tunnel with blinking lights and robotic voice reading out your hashtags?

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