Ideas for Midterm Project

Group Members: Alan, Asha, Carrie, Marco

Idea 1: Dream Boxes

Location: Lockers

Utilizing the inside of our lockers, we will realize a series of surreal environments recovered from our dreams, changing the everyday gesture of opening lockers into a dreamlike experience, blurring the line between reality and imagination.

Visually we will aim for something that is simple and powerful. Here are some inspirations:

Torafu Architects

Sarah Meyohas

Donald Judd


Idea 2: Infinity Elevator

Location: Elevator

We will transform your boring elevator ride into a fantastic experience by making the floor disappear, creating an infinite space or warping the perspectives. For this idea we talked about using only tape to create graphics or patterns on the floor and walls of an elevator.

Some inspirations:

Regina Silveira

Spotted at the French Retailer FNAC, Artist: Unknown


Idea 3: Window to Another World

Location: ITP classroom

Not all rooms at ITP have windows. For one of the windowless classrooms, we will kindly fake a few windows on the wall, and project onto it views of another space. We have several different ideas about what these windows would connect us to—is it the street view from another city, or the space of “the other 4th floor” (other parts of the 4th floor that is not ITP), or maybe it is a time space tunnel connecting to the past.


Other side ideas that may work with one of the main ones:

a. 3D scanning ourselves and trap our spirits inside one of the columns on the floor (or in the lockers) using projection or hologram, so we can forever stay in 721 broadway…

b. Creating the illusion of water puddle on the floor

c. Making things appear and then disappear by triggering a hidden mechanism

d. Playing with shadows. Similar to the image below:

Tim Noble and Sue Webster

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