Thoughts on Computation & My First p5 Sketch

Thoughts on Computation

In this week’s Intro to Computational Media class, we talked about how internet and technology advancement may be driving people apart and eliminating real human connections. I’d say if done right, we can use computation to foster human interaction, as well as provoke people to think about topics and issues they do not normally give much thought to in their daily life. One project that I really like is an interactive projection project by NOTA BENE Visual, a multidisciplinary studio based in Istanbul. The project, “In Order to Control”, is a multimedia installation in which lines of political text are initially projected on the floor, once a viewer enters the area, text will be removed from the floor and “reflected” onto the wall in the shape of the viewer’s body.

Image Source

Audience not only interacts with the text, they also interact with each other. In order to understand a full sentence, they sometimes have to join hands or stand in a line to see more content projected onto the wall.

This is the kind of project I would like to make at ITP, thoughtful installations that tell great stories and engage meaningful interactions.


My First p5 Sketch: Geometric Boat

As much as I want to make fantastic-looking, thought provoking interactive art, I have to start somewhere. My first p5 sketch is a wonderful teal colored paper boat, shown below:

Click here to see editing mode.

Because I had some experience with processing, and thanks to the wonderful library of references on p5’s website, creating the boat was not particularly difficult.

I started with an inspiration image found on Pinterest:

  Image Source

I then created the boat in illustrator so I can get exact coordinates of the triangles in this picture.

In the process of writing the code, I did run into one problem:

After checking the p5 references page, I realized I got the syntax wrong. Hex numbers cannot be directly put after the “fill” function without calling “color” before it. Below is my revised code:

Excited to learn and do more with p5!

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