Good News

Inspired by Nasan Tur’s installation, I came up with the idea of framing my performance as a news report, and shifting between moments of celebrations and moments of riots. The line between the emotions of exhilaration and outrage is a concept of my interest.

Preparing for a video performance is harder than I thought. There are many different aspects to take into consideration outside of the actual performing part—searching for footage, editing the footage, creating the audio, editing the audio, coding, designing the interface, etc..

I enjoyed piecing together a loose narrative using found footage and sound. I also had some fun organizing and coloring the controls for my presentation mode.

Here is a screenshot of my interface:

And here is a video of my rehearsal:


The most difficult part is to create an audio experience to match the visuals. Because the videos and the sounds are separated, I have to figure out a way to connect them either automatically using the program, or manually during the performance. In the rehearsal video, you can see that the cheering sounds are not working very well with the celebration videos.

Another difficulty I have is to keep track of everything during the performance. There are a lot of buttons to press on my interface, and I have to remember all the combinations for the different effects. It’s never simply a one-button-one-effect relationship, I always have to take care of multiple controls to achieve a simple goal. I wonder if there are ways around this.

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