Final Project: Self Portrait

Group: Carrie, Sofía, Chian

How do we define ourselves? Is it by our gender, race, nationality? Or our name, age, occupation, what school we went to?

We stick to these labels (name, gender, race, etc.) because they are readily handed to us. But do they fully define us as individuals?

How else can we define ourselves? Our group brainstormed a few possibilities:

  • How we move across the room
  • The negative space we create as we move across the room
  • Our future, present and past
  • Our aura (whatever that means)
  • Body temperature
  • Our latest dream
  • Our body blueprint
  • Our voice
  • Our dominant eye (left or right)
  • The way we hold our two hands together (is the left thumb on top of the right thumb or the other way around)

Our final project deals with the topic of self identity as a social construct.  It will be in the form of a pseudo science lab in which we help people reconstruct their self identification via a series of experiments. After going through the experiments, each participant will be able to see an alternative self portrait representing their unconventional identity.

The self portrait will be a layered image projected onto the wall or layers of transparent materials. We are also considering handing each participant a report card with their customized geometric totem and description of their identity. The system we use in determining the identity types will be a new kind of construct that breaks away from social norms and is in between totally arbitrary and somewhat liberating.

Below are some of our inspiration images:

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