Fake Mondrian

For this week’s Intro to Computational Media homework, I partnered up with Asha Veeraswamy and made a color filling game inspired by Mondrian paintings.

Our source of inspiration:

Piet Mondrian – Composition No.II, 1920  – Images via wikiartorg and abstractcritical.com

We picked 6 different colors from the painting and used them as our color library for the game. The rules are simple:

  1. Click on the rectangles in the picture to fill colors randomly from our preset color library;
  2. If you are not happy about the color, click again until it generates the color you desire.

Give it a try:


One possible color composition:


In order to use colors only from our preset library, instead of generating random colors, we had to use an “array”. Special thanks to ITP resident Leon Eckert who helped us with setting it up.

Below is our code for the array:


Enjoy the game!

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