Cell Phone Footage

For the purpose of building a small library of short video clips, I took a bunch of 10 to 20-second videos with my iphone in the past week.  While I took the videos, I tried not to think too much and just followed my instinct, capturing things that visually interested me at the time. Below are 6 of the 30 clips I took:

The lighting and colors of the food truck attracted me.

I am a big fan of the low-tech LED lights on food trucks. In this video, I was able to capture the ring shaped reflection of the flashing lights standing next to a closed news stand.

I stumbled upon one of Ai Weiwei’s “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” installations when heading home from a museum. I love the contrast between the orange of the installation and the deep blue of the evening sky.

Apart from getting inspired on the street, I looked for motion at home, preferably without human presence. Water running down in the shower is one of the first videos I took indoors.

I had the idea to manually generate some lighting change by flashing a flashlight onto my curtain, creating a rather abstract video.

I took most clips standing still, aiming to capture the movements in the scenes themselves. With this one though, the motion is me walking up the stairs. What I like about this is how the focus turns from the geometrics of the stairs to the texture of the wall in the end.

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