Animation Storyboard, Abstract Drawings & a little bit about Understanding Comics

Planning for the After Effects Animation

For our second animation, Ridwan Madon and I have decided to take the audience on an unexpected elevator ride, during which scenes from both heaven and hell are revealed.

We are inspired by the commercial for LV’s collaboration with Jeff Koons, where classical oil paintings are animated. For our animation, we will aim to animate paintings in a similar fashion to portray heaven and hell.


We are also inspired by the vibrant color palette and in Ninagawa Mika’s photography.


Below is our storyboard:

Drawings of the week



Understanding Comics

Scott McCloud’s book “Understanding Comics” is a much needed book in the world of comics that does a wonderful job in theorizing and analyzing a medium that has been historically undermined as a form of art. It is a toolkit for people to use to better appreciate, understand, analyze and even critique comics.

I especially enjoy how McCloud brings comics into bigger pictures of art, culture and ontology. His insights about how we perceive ourselves and others, and how we perceive the world, is not just useful in creating and reading comics, but also beneficial when practicing almost all kinds of visual art.


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