An Unexpected Journey

Creating this animation has been a lot of fun for us. Before going into the process, here is the video:


After creating the storyboard, Ridwan and I went ahead and built a folder of assets we’d like to work with. We decided on 4 paintings, two for the hell scenes and two for the heaven scenes.

The hell scenes are a bit more complex than the heaven compositions. Below is a screenshot of the layers I had to create in photoshop prior to bringing everything into After Effects. I traced out the elements that could potentially be animated, placed them onto separate layers, and “filled in the blanks” in the background to avoid empty holes once the foreground is moved.



In After Effects, I mainly used the puppet tool to move and stretch the body parts.


For the heaven scenes, I found and added free green screen stock footage of petals falling or golden particles on top of beautiful paintings.

Ridwan used illustrator to create the main character and the scenes in “reality”.


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