An Interview with ALEX WIP: Prototype

I made a 4-minute demo experience/trailer to better illustrate what the interactions are going to be like. As this will be an interactive project, I want to start user research and tests as early as possible.

Here is the prototype:

To play and get the best experience:

  1. Use Google Chrome on your desktop computer (for now the speech recognition part of the experience only works in Google Chrome, I’d love to make it work in Firefox and other browsers as I develop the project further).
  2. Turn on the sound.
  3. Maximize your browser, then hit refresh for the graphics to resize.
  4. Enable microphone and camera access when asked.
  5. There will be some speech recognition involved, so please talk into your microphone when asked.


Here is a screen recording of my interaction with the prototype:

Note 1: I understand that enabling the camera and microphone access might make some feel a little uncomfortable. I want to emphasize that I am not collecting any data from my users in this project. The camera and microphone integration are used to create a fictional, dystopian narrative that the users can experience from within.

Note 2: The code used to generate the tiles in the prototype is modified from two of Allison Parrish‘s p5 sketches:

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