An Interview with ALEX: Interface Design 2.0

Since the first prototype, I have written a new narrative structure for the interview. The new narrative requires new interface design. I decided to lay out the design for each scene, which can serve as a storyboard for my coding in p5.js. Below are a few of the key scenes in the story.

Getting Ready I—To initiate the interview, the participant is required to say "Yes I'm ready," multiple times, into the microphone.
Getting Ready II—The second part of the initiation phase requires the interviewee to smile as big as possible at the camera.
Tile Game Interface—the interviewee is asked to identify the "bad" tile, their performance is ranked based on a mysterious "State of Mind Index."
Break Time: Synthesized Foliage—After each round of the tile time, the interviewee can take a 30-second break by staring at generative particles while listening to an analog soundtrack recorded in the past.
Q&A Session—After playing three rounds of the tile game, the participant is asked to answer ten questions by ALEX, some of which are very personal. The answers will affect the State of Mind Index, as well as the participant's ranking.
Ending—Based on the data collected in the interview, the participant either passes or fails the test. In the ending scene, ALEX will summarize the interviewee's performance and go over some of the data samples collected.
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