Lost And Found

The lost and found of meanings through layers of translation.

Performance, Performance System, 2020

Carrie Sijia Wang

09/30/2020 Iteration 1: The eight rounds of translation between Chinese and English laid out in a sequence. Click on the image to enlarge.

In this video, text from a book by Wang Xiaobo loops through layers of mediation by my voice, the microphone on my macbook pro, speech-to-text API, and google translate. Some words are lost to simplicity, some replaced by phrases closer to the tech-centric, consumerist world these technologies live in (e.g. “Starbucks” and “Huawei” are among the words the program hears). And occasionally, poetry is refound in between the reconstructed lines.

From other iterations

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09/23/2020 Iteration 1

09/23/2020 Iteration 2

09/30/2020 Iteration 2