Color Censorship

Welcome to the office of stability and happiness. The office moderates all media content and is dedicated to keeping colors that are damaging the mental health of our citizens out of our sight. Please be seated while Moderator 3452 demonstrates how our system works.

Live Performance, 2018

Carrie Sijia Wang

Live Image Processing Performance at Culture Hub

Special thanks to: Matt Romein

Video credit: CultureHub, Nicolas Peña-Escarpentier, Katya Rozanova

This live audio/visual performance presents a dystopian world of constantly changing rules of censoring colors. The performer, playing the role of a “moderator” in the censorship office, reacts to the evolving rules and takes unwanted colors off the screen using an iPad, as if playing a game. The goal of this piece is to deal with the topic of censorship on a highly abstract level by telling a simple, funny and absurd story that is in its core closer to reality than what it looks like. The visual and audio components include color and text animations, tones loosely associated with colors, computer voices and found video game sound effects.