Algorithmic Gestures

An outdated AI system wandering around for years on the internet finds two performers isolated in their own spaces. The system decides to connect them to each other and to others online through a creative experiment. A strange tale about human connection in the age of isolation.

Participatory Online Performance, 2020

Duration: 50 Minutes

Performance System: Carrie Sijia Wang
Performers: Tuty Moreno Campos, Kathie Halfin

Performance at eˉlektron

Special thanks to: Ariel Guerchicoff, Kat Mustatea, Taavi Suisalu, Bohdana Korohod & everyone else at eˉlektron

“Algorithmic Gestures” explores the nuances of social interactions online.


This performance unfolds through a series of instructions mediated by layers of interpretations by both humans and machines.


In this three-act online experience, the audience and two performers co-create the show. The performers cannot directly see or hear each other, and are only connected through the automated system in between.

::: act 01

A series of requests are collected from the audience beforehand, and will be reconstructed by the system into a series of instructions. The performers will interpret the instructions with their bodies.


::: act 02

Audience will write down in the chat what they want the performers to do. The performers will react to the requests as they see them.


::: act 03

The system reconstructs the requests collected from act 02. The performers will follow  a processed version of the requests choreographed by the system.