The Future of Work Is _______.

Workshop 01 of the Future of Work Workshop Series

A workshop that examines the history, the present, and the future trends in the sector of work in the face of A.I. driven technologies, intensified digital surveillance, and the global pandemic.


Work has been and still is a big part of life in many parts of the world despite predictions of leisure taking over. In this workshop, participants will examine the history, the present, and the trends in the sector of work. We will look at jobs that have become obsolete, jobs that might be replaced by automation, and imagine what kinds of new jobs will be invented in the future.

Workshop Resources

The following materials about the future of work are collected based on my research. Please feel free to share them with those who are interested.

Articles and other resources concerning the topic of the future of work in general collected in preparation for the workshop.

A miro board template that can be used to facilitate the group activity in this workshop. The link is view only. If you would like to use it in your workshop, please reach out to me for access.

Workshop Details

01 Welcome

A round of self introductions for the participants to get to know one another.

02 Presentation

A presentation by the facilitator to introduce the topic and outline what the workshop entails.

03 Group Discussion

The participants break into smaller groups and discuss the trends in the future of work.

04 Inspirations and Introduction to Group Activity

The facilitator shares examples of creative inquiries about the future of work and introduces the participants to the group activity—Anatomy of a Fictional Job in the Future.

05 Group Activity

The participants follow the steps on the board to work on their description and mood boards for the fictional job they have come up with.

06 Sharing

The participants share their fictional jobs of the future with everyone in the workshop.