Zoe Zhou Design

Zoe Zhou is an emerging fashion designer focused on millinery and print design. Her work revolves around the concept of time and how things adopt their unique qualities through time.

Brand Identity, 2014

Carrie Sijia Wang

Design Concept: Hourglass

The logo I designed for Zoe Zhou was inspired by the shape of the letter “Z”, as well as the shape of an hourglass. In her millinery work, Zoe often utilizes flowers and other organic materials and embraces the fact that they change as time passes. Meanwhile, these materials have also gained immortality in the process of being made into an art piece.


An hourglass represents time in a non-linear way. The sand trickles from one glass bulb to the other, and when that is done, the hourglass can be turned up-side-down to restart the process, much like what Zoe does in her design process.