Yuya Stage Play Projection Design

A modern adaptation of Japanese Noh Drama, Yuya is a stage play about a young women who tries to reunite with her mother while she confronts male oppression in two lifetimes: in ancient Japan and modern day America. Working with the director of the play, I designed the video projection to exteriorize the heroine's inner struggles, and represent the wheel of reincarnation, which ties the two parts of the play together.

Projection Design, 2019

Carrie Sijia Wang

New York Theater Festival

Yuya is written and directed by Kiyo Kamisawa

Trailer with music by Ross Aftel

The Spring Landscape in ancient Japan

The cityscape in modern day America

The wheel of reincarnation appearing

The wheel of reincarnation disappearing

Cherry blossom at the beginning of the play

Glitched cherry blossom at the end of the play