Dining in the Sky

DIFFA’s Dining by Design is an event that brings together talent to create dining installations to raise critical funds for DIFFA’s work fighting HIV/AIDS. Our design theme of 2016 focuses on the transformation of the 1990’s urban environment of Avenue A – “Dining in the Sky” – a rose-colored view of industrial materials against a soft palette of amenable patterns.

Environmental Graphics & Microsite, 2016

Wall Graphic: Carrie Sijia Wang

Microsite & Marketing Materials: Carrie Sijia Wang

Interior Design: Dan Chilcote

Completed while working at M Moser Associates

DIFFA, Dining by Design, Held in conjunction with the Architectural Digest Design Show, Pier 92, New York, NY, 2016

Published in Interior Design Magazine, 04, 2016

Wall Graphic

The wall graphic I designed is a concrete jungle inspired by the skyline of 90’s New York. Working closely with interior designer Dan Chilcote, I designed the wall graphic to set the scene for the entire space. The mixture of patterns represents the city’s flux and order.

We set one of the buildings apart from the wall and backlit it with LED, creating a sense of dimension and amplifying the mood.



I designed and developed a microsite to create buzz around “Dining in the Sky”. The site opens with a simple animation with alternating patterns and colors, which speaks to the everchanging New York City.

Launch site