Anti-Surveillance Toolkit for the Remote Worker

Workshop 03 of the Future of Work Workshop Series

Designed to raise awareness about surveillance in the virtual workplace and find creative ways to reclaim some privacy as individual workers.


As more people have started working from home, surveillance in the remote workplace has intensified. Companies are finding new ways to monitor their employees through webcams, screen capturing, audio recording and more. Employee monitoring software is flourishing. The privacy and mental wellbeing of remote workers are at risk.

In this workshop, following an introduction to the topic from the facilitator, participants will work together in small groups to find creative ways for remote workers to reclaim some of their privacy under the circumstances.

Workshop Resources

The following materials about surveillance in the virtual workplace are collected based on my research. Please feel free to share them with those who are interested.

An information sheet of common features in employee monitoring products.

Articles and other resources concerning the topic of employee tracking or surveillance in general collected in preparation for the workshop.

Workshop Details

01 Welcome

A round of self introductions for the participants to get to know one another.

02 Presentation

A presentation by the facilitator to introduce the topic and outline what the workshop entails.

03 Group Discussion

The participants break into smaller groups and discuss the trends in workplace surveillance with the Key Features of Employee Monitoring Software as reference.

04 Inspirations and Introduction to Group Work

The facilitator shares examples of related art projects and grassroot inventions.

05 Group Work

The participants work in groups to brainstorm, design and prototype tools to avoid or mitigate surveillance based on a set of predefined scenarios provided by the facilitator.

06 Sharing

Each group shares their anti-surveillance tools with everyone in the workshop.

Anti-Surveillance Toolkit: Gallery

Happy Worker Kit
by Enrique García Alcalá, Po-Wen Shih, Maria Maciak
Two-Way Transparency
by Michael Morran, Craig Protzel, Katherine Nicoleta Helén
Mirror Safe / Fun House
by Hayden Carey, Christina Lan, Yiru Lu, Hongyi Zhang
How to trick your boss (into thinking you like them)
by Siyan Liu, Christopher Wray, Ruta Kruliauskaite

Imperfect Picture
by Aliya, João

Combatting Word by Word / Video
by Zeina, Pen-Yuan
References: Experimental Camera, This Person Does Not Exist, GPT-3, Fawkes, AdNauseam

Deterring “Step by Step”
by Ashlesh, Philip