Chengshi (City)

Chengshi (Chinese for 'City') was an unconventional exhibit and sharing event organized by Why Not Exhibit in Hangzhou, China. Working with Why Not Exhibit, I designed the event collaterals and helped bringing the event into shape. During the event, we discussed the concept of a city, the current state of Chinese urbanism, and the idea of constructing a utopian city. Participants shared with us their art / design works related to the topic.

Event Collateral Design, Event Planning, 2011

Carrie Sijia Wang

In collaboration with Why Not Exhibit

The Event

The cities we live in are of infinite possibilities. The event “Chengshi” (“City” or “Cities” in Chinese) invited designers and artists to participate in a discussion about what they would change in their cities, and if they could make their personal Utopia, what elements should be included.

Design Concept: the “T” Puzzle

The visuals I designed for the event were inspired by pieces of a “T” puzzle. “T” puzzle is a traditional Chinese dissection puzzle, in which 4 distinctively shaped pieces come together to make a “T” shape, and other new shapes.


A “T” puzzle can be deconstructed and reconstructed into infinite numbers of different shapes; which goes hand in hand with the concept of the event: a city is dynamic and fluid, always changing because¬†its elements are in flux.