Alex The Dating Expert

Alex The Dating Expert is a computer program that helps people fall in love. At a Halloween party this past October, I invited people to have 5-minute speed dates under the guidance of Alex. Over 60 people participated and left their data in the form of feedback cards. Alex will use the data wisely to evolve into Alex 2.0.

Interactive Installation, Participatory Perfomance, 2017

Carrie Sijia Wang

Swipe Fright, 2017, an art show curated by Gabriel Barcia-Colombo

The rules are simple: participants are asked to come into the intimate space in pairs, preferably with someone they  just met. The speed date is 5 minutes, during which Alex will help the pair fall in love by asking them questions and suggesting actions for them to do.


Alex mixes up friendly, getting-to-know-you questions with a few deeper, more difficult and sometimes a bit inappropriate questions and suggestions, in order to test out his innovative method of matchmaking.

Event photos taken by Tansy Xiao