“An Interview with ALEX” is an interactive, browser-based experience that simulates a job interview with an Artificial Intelligence HR Manager in a future of gamified work and total surveillance. The entire experience is 12 minutes.

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“An Interview with ALEX” is created by New York-based multimedia artist Carrie Sijia Wang, supported by Mozilla Foundation’s Creative Media Awards.

Watch the video on the right to hear from the creator of the project, and the people who have experienced it.

If you are interested in how the project was developed, check out these in-progress blog posts.

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To optimize the experience:

01 Use your desktop browser.*

02 Maximize your window.

03 Turn your sound on.

04 When asked, please allow microphone and camera access.**

05 After the experience, tell us what you think by filling out the survey.

*This experience uses speech recognition technology, which may not be supported by some browsers.
**Enabling camera and microphone access is for the purpose of storytelling. Rest assured that no user data will be stored in this experience.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to experience “An Interview with ALEX.”

This short survey is designed to collect comments from the participants. Your answers can help the artist develop the project further, evaluate the impact of the experience and are much appreciated.

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Post your screenshots from the experience, as well as how you feel about the interview on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Use #aiinterview to raise awareness of using A.I. in hiring processes.

Use #carriewang to credit the creator of the project.