The System 2.0

Candidate #3752 struggles to generate valid content that aligns with the system in order to pass the Content Generator Qualification Test.

The System 2.0 is the new and improved version of The System.

Online Performance, 2020

Carrie Sijia Wang

Duration: 15 minutes

EdgeCut: Captivity
Curated by Heidi Boisvert and Kat Mustatea

Spring Fling: The System 2.0
Hosted by Katie Zazenski from STROBOSKOP Art Space

The System 2.0 at EdgeCut: Captivity: the performance was live-streamed into a virtual 3D gathering space, followed by a conversation between the artist, the curator, and the audience.

Spring Fling: The System 2.0: the performance was live-streamed on Facebook, followed by an open conversation with the artist, the host Katie Zazenski and the audience.