Museum of Plastic Age

Museum of Plastic Age is an interactive exhibit of artifacts from the heyday of the Plastic Era (approximately A.D. 1950s – 2120s). Museum goers are encouraged to interact with the objects to find out more about life in the late 20th century and early 21 century.

Interactive Installation, 2017

Carrie Sijia Wang

Work completed at New York University

Professors: Tom Igoe, Shawn Van Every

ITP Winter Show, 2017

Museum of Plastic Age brings people into a future exhibit of mysterious artifacts from the 21st century. By controlling the two knobs on the box, people can toggle between artifacts, access illustrations of different views, and watch short documentaries about life in the Plastic Age.


The project looks at the world we live in today through a fictional future angle, subtly touching upon many contemporary issues, such as environmental damage and excessive consumerism. It is a storytelling platform through which present day viewers can be inspired to think about the way we live and the systems we follow from a different perspective.


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